Let us trim it, track it, sell it and pay you.

We offer full hand trimming and machine trimming with hand polishing.

Full Hand Trimming: $150-200 per pound
Machine w/ Hand Polish: $150 per pound
Machine Trimming Only: $55 per pound

Exact pricing is determined on the basis of quality, size, and consistency of flower.

We offer two routes:

A: 100% Hands-Free from Post-Harvest to Sale
We trim it, sort it, track it and sell it all. You get paid!

B: Flower Back To Farmer & Biomass 70/30 Split
We trim it. You pick up your trimmed flower COD. Your trim goes into our extraction line for a 70/30 split. We sell the extracts made with your biomass. You get paid!

Note: This is a tax-deductible business service.


Kimberly Haile
Trimming Department Manager
(707) 693-2222 x3