Q. How does the 75/25 split work exactly?

A. The 75/25 split for trim is essentially a revenue split model. We split revenues — 75% goes to the cultivator and 25% goes to Bear. We pay our share of the cultivation taxes. We always test your product before going into production. For financial planning, cultivators may find the pricing information on our procurement page helpful. If you have any further questions please call us at (707) 200-8351


Q. What else do you offer?

A. We offer 60/40 splits for fresh frozen, which produces live resin and fetches higher prices. We offer Toll Processing for cultivators who would like to have us create vape cartridges or other cannabis products for them. And we offer donation matching to local environmental and cultural organizations through Project Humboldt Thrive.

Q. do you make Vape Cartridges?

A. Yes! Brands seeking their own vape cartridges can request a quote for Toll Processing. (Think about it as a toll for your product to pass through our facilities.) Call (707) 200-8351 for more info.

Q. What is a #thrivefarmer?

A. A #Thrive Farmer is someone who has given through Project Humboldt Thrive. In August 2019, we announced Project Humboldt Thrive — A program that amplifies the generosity of cannabis farmers during this tough economic transition. It is a donation-matching program that supports environmental and cultural non-profits.
Check out www.ProjectHumboldtThrive.com for more info.