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BEAR Extraction House is a recreational cannabis manufacturing company based in Arcata, California.

We offer trimming services, buy trim and flower, help farmers harvest plants for fresh frozen extraction, manufacture cannabis concentrates, and distribute throughout the state.



Who we are

Together, we are a web of knowledge built from Humboldt’s cannabis legacy. We are a finely orchestrated symphony of moving parts. Everyday, we grind, twist, wash, check and measure. We talk on phones, tap on keyboards and analyze data. We track. We trace… because we know our products bring joy to the entire State. And that brings joy to us.


It was years before legalization when founder Casey Eliason started to envision a hub through which cultivators could bring their bud to market.

A native of Humboldt County, Casey was well versed in the world of cannabis. Inherently curious, he began asking himself how such a coveted resource would emerge from the shadows with legalization. With that spirit of innovation, the BEAR Extraction House journey began.

After years of researching and planning, Casey teamed up with Taylor Lefevre, an old friend and fellow cannabis expert. Together, they built a campus for cannabis transformation and distribution. The outcome? An entirely new style of business inspired by need, and an ongoing methodology to responsibly transform and share this amazing plant.

Cannabis is our muse. Building on her greatest attributes, we can progress and discover more.

Our Mission

To create and deliver amazing cannabis products in a planet-friendly way. To offer cannabis farmers solutions that make their life easier. To protect cannabis-dense regions from harmful changes. To innovate consciously. To be reliable and transparent. To be present and impactful in the legal landscape.

What we make

We currently make Live Resin, BHO and CO2 crude, Winterized Amber, Terpenes and Distillate.

Our manufacturing and distribution licenses allow us to create and sell bulk cannabis products within the State. Products that we manufacture are used in a very large percentage of the final consumer goods that you see in dispensaries throughout California. Learn more about our Bulk Products.

In addition to wholesale products, we produce award-winning concentrates, flower, and pre-rolled joints through our various house brands. Request more info about our brands.

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Bear Extraction House is in a campus of cannabis businesses in Arcata, California called the “Cannabis Innovation Zone” (CIZ).

In 2015 the CIZ property was purchased from a logging truck company. With state regulations in the near future, great effort was made to find a way for this property to be included in the upcoming legal cannabis industry. By 2016 the property was officially zoned. In 2017 building permits were issued to convert the existing large warehouse into separate units. Today, the CIZ is home to many of the top-producing cannabis companies in the area. With more units planned for completion in 2020.

Bear Extraction House contains state-of-the-art cannabis oil manufacturing facilities as well as our head offices.